Full, major and interim servicing available in Newcastle-u-Lyme

City Auto Repairs can carry out all manner of servicing or repairs.

What is included in a service? Good question! – This depends on whether it’s a major service or an interim service due, along with the make and model of your vehicle. Here’s an overview of what happens on an average service, but please bear in mind, all engines are different, for full details, check your handbook or call us.

Interim Service

  • Check operation of light switches, operation of the horn, windscreen wipers, windscreen for chips & cracks, Check all exterior lights condition.
  • Check exterior mirrors, rear wiper, spare tyre, windscreen washers, safety belts, drive/shafts/gaiters/couplings.
  • Check condition of the exhaust system, Check the underside of the car, Check condition of brake fluid lines, Check shocks/springs/mountings, Check steering rack and linkages.
  • Check tyre condition, tyre pressure, wheel bearings, Visual Check brake pads/discs/shoes/etc, Check for fuel leaks, Check for power steering leaks.
  • Check for oil leaks, Check for coolant leaks, Check anti-freeze level and strength, Drain engine oil and replace the filter, Fill with engine oil, Top up windscreen reservoir with additive.
  • Check brake fluid level, Check drive belts (sometimes known as Fan belt or Auxiliary belt), Check power steering fluid level, Check handbrake adjustment, Check clutch adjustment

Full service

(On top of everything we carry out on an interim service, a full service also has the following carried out)

  • Check brake fluid water content, Replace spark plugs if necessary, Drain and replace engine oil, Adjust brakes where necessary, Replace Oil filter
    Replace or Advise on Fuel Filter depending on Make, Model and Millage, Replace Air Filter, Remove all road wheels and internally inspect brakes, Adjust handbrake
  • Check Timing belt and advise (Date, Millage, Make, Model and Engine type dependant), Check Fan, Timing belt (Cambelt / Timing chain) (36’000 – 90’000 or every 2-5 years)
  • Pollen Filter (10’000 – 20’000 miles), Coolant replacement (30’000-80’000 miles or 4 years), Brake Fluid replacement (30’000-80’000 miles or 4 years)
  • Gearbox Oil (30’000-80’000 miles or 4 years), Air conditioning pressure test and top up

MOT Testing in Staffordshire

Looking for MOT testing?

You can book your MOT online 24/7. You will also receive a free text reminder when it’s due again for the following year.